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Andrea’s USHRS Ed Cafe Reflections

May 29, 2013 by


Initially I thought that I would do better in an informal setting because it would be a low stress environment, but the lack of structure opposed to that of a formal presentation stressed me out more. My first presentation was much worse than my second due to the stress of organizing correctly and the time […]

Nobody’s Perfect (Not Even America!)

December 13, 2012 by


Editor’s Note: Sometimes we use our public reflection blog to showcase student projects. Clare’s post below is from our Democracy & Political Participation Project, in which she explores a key moment in American Civil Rights history. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will […]

The Benefits of Working On a Group Project

October 22, 2012 by


There are so many benefits of working on a group project. First off there is much less stress. Both people can split up the work and this makes it a lot easier for both parties. Secondly, people can cover each other’s weaknesses and make a stronger product than if one person just worked on something. […]

What it means to be an American

October 15, 2012 by


This year I am in a class called US history research seminar (USHRS). To start off the year we had to research about “What it means to be an American?” and we had three main questions that we had to answer through out a 7-10 minute presentation. The three questions we had to answer were: […]

Learning from experiences

October 15, 2012 by


It has been over a month since the school stared. In our class, USHRS researching seminar, we finished our first big project, “What does it mean to be an American?” This project was very new to me since I had to interview people, and work with many other people to accomplish our goal. So far […]

Working With Partners

October 10, 2012 by


I have very mixed opinions on partner projects. While it is great to share and gain new ideas, there is a risk that you or your group might not agree on a concept.  An idea that you feel is great and are ready to put into action might be an idea that the rest of […]

Whatever works

October 8, 2012 by


Our current project, a study of American identity, is coming to a close and our final piece, a 7-10 minute group presentation on the subject, will be done in class tomorrow. This presentation has been over a month in the making, and has included countless hours of research, interviewing, inquiry, and conversation. Throughout all of […]

Interviews vs. Conversations

October 8, 2012 by


In the recent project that we have been working on in USHRS, my group has chosen (along with many others) to utilize people in our community through interviews. At first this concept was incredibly daunting task made everyone in the group nervous. What questions should we ask? What would happen if we ran out of […]

What America Stands For

October 4, 2012 by


This year in USHRS, we started off the school year with a long-term project on contemporary American identity. The project focuses on three main questions about what it means to be an American, what characteristics Americans have and how they were developed, and how historical events shape our identity. Obviously there may not be one exact right […]

Think you’ve got time?

October 3, 2012 by


For the past week and a half, students in USHRS have been working on a project requiring that we answer some questions about American Identity, and present our findings to the class. My group decided to make a documentary-style video including interviews from a mixed population of people, and play it for the class. After […]

From the Mouths of Babes

October 1, 2012 by


“What does it mean to be an American?” I asked. “Freedom”, “Liberty”, “Taking care of each other” kids responded, eagerly standing up to give an answer after being called on. My partner and I were interviewing a class of second graders for our first US history project of the year: our mission is, essentially, to […]

Homecoming Revolution

October 1, 2012 by


Through past projects in Mike’s Age of Exploration and now in this year’s US History Research Seminar, I’ve learned that in order to create an outstanding project, I need to be open to all considerations and ideas, no matter how crazy they are.  Last Friday, this same motto was proved to hold true for any […]

Boarding Schools

March 6, 2012 by


My topic for this TED-style talk is Native American boarding schools. I chose this topic because we watched a video that had a short segment on these boarding schools, and it struck me as an extremely important topic to pursue. Part of what makes it so interesting to me is how it is almost a […]