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Vinay’s EdCafe Reflection

May 29, 2013


Overall I really enjoyed the EdCafe experience. Both presenting and being a participant were rewarding as I learned a lot about history and about myself as a learner. I would definitely recommend doing this again because it allowed me to learn a lot of in depth information about history from my peers, and gave me […]

Politics: A Game of Indecision

January 21, 2013

0 It seems everybody is arguing over political ideology today. Democrats and Republicans are at each other’s throats all the time, comparing liberal vs. conservative ideology on both fiscal and social issues. Furthermore, political pundits always seem to be citing evidence from the past as a reason why their ideology is superior. Given this, I […]

On Being a Hyphenated-American

October 25, 2012


During out latest US History Research Seminar project, we explored what it means to be an American. The goal of this project was to answer these 3 essential questions: What defines an American as an American in 2012? What are the characteristics of an American and how were those fostered/developed? How do contemporary and historical […]