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Decoding My Topic

March 5, 2012


I have decided to focus on the Navajo Code talkers, and their important role during World War II. The idea of using a language as a code is not only interesting to me, but it also gives me insight to the mindset during that time period. I have been researching my topic through the www, […]

Evernote Review

January 3, 2012


For my current tool of choice, I chose Evernote. Evernote is a free service that allows devices on multiple platforms (OS X, Windows, Android, iOS) to work on notes. Notes are auto-saved and stored on the Evernote servers to insure that the note is not lost, and so that you can access your notes regardless […]

Writing for a Purpose

October 20, 2011


Why do I write? My instinctive answer: to communicate and share my thoughts. When I take interest in writing, mostly implying I am not being forced to, I stride to actually express what is on my mind. Forcing me to write on something I am not passionate about only allows me to create empty words […]