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Tribal Colleges and Universities

March 5, 2012


            The topic that I chose for this USHRS project was tribal colleges and universities.  I chose this topic after watching a video about Raquel Chapa, the first Native American Graduate from Harvard, and other stories of Native Americans that attended the school.  I did not know that one of the early Harvard College charters […]

BibDesk Review

January 3, 2012


As a person who has had limited experience with other reference tools (besides Noodle Tools and some other management tools), I have found BibDesk to be somewhat user-unfriendly. I had many difficulties figuring out how to use the tools, and getting the tools in BibDesk to work properly. I was able to pull up the […]

Why I Write

October 20, 2011


I write because sometimes my words sound better on paper than they do when I speak, or sometimes they don’t.  Writing pushes my limits, and it challenges me contemplate my ideas and beliefs further.  Writing censors my thoughts, and yet at the same time makes them more open to the world.  Writing is difficult for […]