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March 5, 2012


For my Native American Research topic I chose to research Geronimo. The reason why I chose this topic is that I am interested in Geronimo’s story and how this affected the relationship between the Native Americans and the United States. The way I started conducting my research is first I did a broad background research […]


January 3, 2012


Notepub is an online note-taking tool that saves everything to a server. This lets you access your notes or documents on the Internet with out having to be on your own personal computer. Some good things about Notepub are that it can do pretty much everything that Microsoft Word can do and also it’s free; […]

Writing is not fun

October 20, 2011


I really do not like writing. To be honest the only reason why I am writing right now is because my teacher is making me.  I find it really boring and it makes my hand cramp if I type to fast. I never write for fun. I don’t really like any type of writing. Essays, […]