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Chief Joseph

March 5, 2012


The topic I chose is the young Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. I chose to research Chief Joseph because he is a fairly well known, but there is mixed information about Chief Joseph. Some people know him as Indian war hero for all of his successful battles against the U.S., but he was actually […]

Knight Cite

January 3, 2012


The tool reviewed in the video is a citation tool called Knight Cite. Knight Cite is a free tool used to create citations that is maintained by the library at Calvin College. You can use it with or without creating an account, but if you create a free account with Knight Cite, Knight Cite will […]

Why I Write Writing…

October 20, 2011


I write because it helps me articulate my thoughts and feelings on important subjects in an accurate and succinct way. When speaking, thoughts can easily become jumbled. Writing allows one to express their feelings in a creative manner that is exactly what they meant. I write because it helps reflect on experiences I have had […]