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Boarding Schools

March 6, 2012


My topic for this TED-style talk is Native American boarding schools. I chose this topic because we watched a video that had a short segment on these boarding schools, and it struck me as an extremely important topic to pursue. Part of what makes it so interesting to me is how it is almost a […]

Growly Notes Review

January 3, 2012


I decided to test out a note-taking software called Growly Notes. I came across the program online while searching for a free note-taking software for macs, and Growly Notes appeared to have gotten reasonable reviews and so I figured why not give it a shot? The first thing I noticed when I opened the program […]

Thoughts on Writing

October 20, 2011


Everything we know, everything we ever did know or will know, is all memories and perceptions and feelings. I don’t want these things to escape me. I want to remember things and record things and feel things. So this is why I write. Of course I write for assignments and for homework and all the […]