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Blackfoot Legends

March 6, 2012


For my USHRS research project on Native Americans, I was initially going to research the Crow Nation in southern Montana and northern Wyoming. However, a lack of information surrounding this tribe caused me to explore other Native American tribes. I stumbled upon the creation myth of the Blackfoot Indians, which greatly interested me. I found […]


January 3, 2012


I used EasyBib as my bibliographic tool. It is a really cool tool because you don’t have to input all of the information manually. One problem is that you have to have an account if you want to have more than just a simple bibliographic list. However, it’s a good tool for quick, easy, accurate […]

Why I Write

October 20, 2011


Writing has the power to be therapeutic. Whenever I am frustrated or sad or elated I can process my thoughts and feelings best through paper. I also love the fact that you can create a world other than you own and people who don’t exist, who you could never meet in real life, but interact […]