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Occupying Alcatraz – Anna Blake

March 5, 2012


I have decided to study the Occupation of Alcatraz. This event was one of the largest turning points for the Native American’s as it was publicized much more than past events. I chose this topic because I find it extremely interesting that anyone would want to travel to Alcatraz in the first place! I think […]

Evernote Review

January 9, 2012


I used the “Evernote” program which is a free application from Apple. I found that this is one of the best organizational tools that is online today. I really liked the program because it helps a person who is unorganized (me) be able to easily type in notes and find them in a later date. […]

A Chance to Change the World With Writing

October 20, 2011


The question really is, “Why wouldn’t we write?” Honestly we have so many ways to get our opinions out to the public that there is no reason we shouldn’t write. I find writing to be one of the best ways to submit myself to what I really am feeling. I can write down my dreams […]