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Poisonous Lies

March 5, 2012


For my upcoming research project in USHRS on Native Americans, I chose to look at the general topics of treaties between the Americans and the Native Americans throughout history. Most treaties that were signed in agreement with the Native Americans were later broken by the Americans, when we felt that we needed the land or the […]

ScreenCast on the Uses of Noodle Tools

January 3, 2012


Noodle Tools is a very helpful site designed to help and improve the organization of a project or a paper. The website is a free site, originally was used a lot to generate citations for papers, and that is how I first learned about Noodle Tools. Now, after using the site more and more, I […]


October 20, 2011


I write because it helps me sort out my feelings and ideas. I prefer to write more then I like to speak, because I feel that I can arrange my words better, and put them into sentences that are smooth and can articulate my point. I don’t like creative writing as much as research writing, […]