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My Plan for an American Indian TED Talk

March 5, 2012


My topic concerns the strategies of the Indian battles, and how those strategies are illustrative of the greater state of Indian affairs. I’m also looking into how warfare caused such a decline in Indian population, and what the main reason for both the fighting and the losses were. I’m researching this by reading several books […]

Bibme Review

January 9, 2012


The citation machine Bibme is better then other similar citation sites in how it gets its information. Instead of requiring everything to be added by hand, it can automatically fill data in. That means by simply entering a identifier (URL, title, author), most of the data is already there, ready to go. It can also […]

Why I Write

October 20, 2011


USHRS is a fascinating class. The formant is extremely flexible, but it requires a huge amount of both creativity, to come up with an idea, and focus, to follow through with the idea. Because of that variability, the presentation that arise can be almost anything, from fake hangings to fake drunk Indians. Because the class […]