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March 6, 2012


I chose to investigate the topic of when the Native Americans occupied Alcatraz. When researching I discovered that the occupation of Alcatraz was a big turning point in the Native American Movement causing more significant events to occur. While researching I have used many reference books found within the schools library giving me great insight […]

Word Citation Review

January 3, 2012


Word Citation is a useful tool used within Microsoft word. Word Citation is a way to make you mla, apa, or Chicago citations within your documents. Word Citation saves your citations in an easily accessible list. When you need to insert a in-text citation all you have to do is double-click, making it convenient. I had problems figuring out how to insert the full citation and not an in-text citation. It made it very challenging and I would have preferred to use another citation tool like noodle-bib that was set up more clearly even though Word Citation is more convenient. If I have projects in the future that required a lot of in-text citation using Word Citation would be helpful otherwise I do not plan to use it in the future. Click here to watch a screencast video review of Word Citation:

Why Write?

October 20, 2011


I write because I have to. I do not like to write. Putting my thoughts on paper seems like a waste of time. I think writing makes me think about things in a different way, which is not always fun to do because it is really difficult. I find it hard to articulate my thoughts […]