A Teenage Conference: Reflecting on EdCafé

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For our last project we completed a historical narrative on our selected topics, and then did an EdCafé for a week. What is an EdCafé you might ask? It’s basically a small conference where each person leads a 20 minutes discussion/informal presentation on their topic. I really liked the EdCafé because it enabled me to learn about a variety of different things, most of which I was interested in. Whether I was interested in it or not, I ended up really learning something about the topic of each session I attended and I really enjoyed the process of preparing and presenting in the EdCafé.

Presenting in the EdCafé was a little harder than I originally imagined it would be. Being in charge of 20 minutes dedicated solely to you and your 2-4 person audience feels like a fair amount of responsibility once you are actually presenting. I found that having a set of prepared notes really helped, though according to my feedback, I probably should’ve had a little more time dedicated to discussion and less time dedicated to lecturing.

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On a whole, I learned a lot about small group presenting, and how it differs from large group presenting. I learned that it’s more important to involve your audience than in small group discussion, that you don’t necessarily have to be as prepared with facts as you might have to be as a large group presenter, and discussion is really an integral part of the experience as a whole.

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