EdCafe Reflection- Dan

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EdCafe is a very new way of learning for me. Presenting in EdCafe is much more flexible and comfortable. It is way more relax by learning and talking this way. Unlike the formal presentation, in EdCafe there were not a lot less pressures while I was presenting my research. Also, there were no strict rule and orders during presentation. When people did not understand some of the information, I could just repeat it again. In the discussion, most of the people do not get lose. They can just ask any kinds of questions and interrupt the presenter during the talk at any time. The discussion was much more effective than the discussion as a whole class. In a small group likes EdCafe, people are not afraid to share their opinion and thought. I could add more information and talk about anything that just came up right off my head.


I think I did well on presenting the visuals and graphs. However, my talking was not that good. I did not manage my time very well. I talked too fast and shirked down some of the information because I was afraid that I would run out of time. As a result, I finished my presentation before time.

I think EdCafe was a successful way of learning. I like it way more than formal presentation. I feel a lot more comfortable. It was a good opportunity to present the presentation in the similar way that we could adapt and use in everyday life.

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