Reflection on the EdCafe Discussions

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What did you learn about presenting and discussion from participating in the EdCafe?

In general, it is much easier to give a “good” presentation to a small group than it is with a larger group. Also, being the audience in a smaller group means you get much more of a chance to talk more one-on-one with the presenter. For me, presenting to any size group is just as difficult as speaking to a friend.

My problem is that I have a rather annoying speech impediment, leaving me unable sometimes to finish any thought or sentence, regardless of the complexity or how routineĀ it is. This means that when I present to a group, my sentences can end abruptly and in places leaving the the point unsaid.

So, this part of me, in regards to presentations, is something I want to improve about myself; however, this is not as simple as just thinking more about what I want to say or even writing a set of things I want to say before saying them: neither of these things have seemed to help me at all; instead, I have to run the sentence over in my head until I get it right. Usually this comes at the expense of the audiences attention.

I feel like my presentation, if you ignore the halted-ness of it, was very successful at getting my point across in an interesting and engaging way. I not only told the story of my research, but I also involved the audience at all times, asking them questions and then comparing their beliefs with what is really fact.

My overall thoughts on the EdCafe discussions as a whole are that the system worked really well. I think that, of all the different ways we had discussions this year, this was the best of them all.

And now for a photo that is relevant to my presentation, but not really related at all to the post above…

Passport Photo

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