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I really liked the layout of the EdCafe, since each 20 minute period can give you a quick glimpse of someone’s topic.  Because of all the extensive research each person did on his or her topic along with the intimate group size (maximum of 3 people), the EdCafe helped the listeners learn the basics of a history event.  I wish in order to keep a café tone into EdCafe, to create more of an informal environment because sitting in a corner

As a presenter, I made a handout that had a map and some excerpts from primary sources.  I didn’t think that the handouts were going to be the center for discussion, however I found my EdCafe attendees to be drawn to the maps and interested in the excerpts I chose, asking questions and becoming more involved in conversation through the handouts.  More questions people asked allowed for me to touch base on information that I may have forgotten to mention during my first spiel.  I also found it helpful to really incorporate your attendees by having them read from the handout.  I chose three excerpts and had each person read an excerpt so it wasn’t just me talking the whole time.

I got a suggestion asking to speak slower, which is something I know I have to work on. When I get excited about a topic, I start to naturally speed up, and for my topic, in which there were different Native American tribes on each side, I should focus more on speaking articulately to clearly convey on who’s side each tribes were.  The EdCafe was a good opportunity to really work on presentations in intimate settings, and getting specific feedback from each of my attendees, which were very helpful.


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