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This project, though very short, was one of nicer projects of the year. The informal discussion that the small groups had in the room made it so I felt like I was part of the conversation and involved in the other persons project and presentation. I learned about myself and how I am as a small group presenter this project. Since I went on thursday, the days before I watched other people go and saw what worked and what didn’t work. I tried to make my presentation more discussion based and with as much hands on things as possible with lots opportunities for people to ask questions. This informal setting is much easier for me to work with than presenting to a large class with less discussion.


Informal presentations should be entirely based on discussion. It should be 5 minutes of the presenter giving information and the rest a group discussion based on questions posed by presenters, visuals are also helpful. On that note people that are participating in small informal discussions such as these need to have a open mind and be ready to answer questions and participate in discussions otherwise it becomes boring and all one gets is straight stats and information from the presenter.

I really like small discussion and like to participate by asking questions, my learning style is based on hands on experience (this is the reason i came to OES) and small groups, in other words I learn more in these informal discussion based settings. I enjoyed EdCafe very much and would highly recommend it to Mike for it to happen again. Though it was fun it can be improved, the preparation time was a little short and crowded and I think that if we had more time to write and research the results would have been better and the discussion and conversation would have been better. Another thing that could have been better was the amount of time that each presenter had, I felt like 20 min was way to much time to present.

The overall was very fun and it was a good 2nd to last project to end the year on.

p.s. We needed more food, and couches to make it more like a Cafe

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