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I learned a great deal about presenting in an informal situation; it is much more personal and for that quite obvious reason you need to engage your audience on a personal level. Each of the questions you ask need to be directed at a certain person or a similar experience the group has shared or understands. Branching too far away or coming in too up close and personal is never a good idea when doing an informal presentation for a smaller group. I did not have the pleasure of presenting to a smaller group but I enjoyed the time I was given when the class was split in two.

What works well for a presenter in an informal situation? Because my experience was unique I think I can answer this question in a different way; having handouts was very helpful and informative to the people listening. It gave them something to look at and better understand the material when I was rambling on.


When I was a member of the small group EdCafe’s in the two that I was able to attend I made sure to ask as many questions as I could. Asking more questions seemed to allow a more natural flow of information when the presenter seemed stuck or needed help. It doesn’t take much to get someone back on track and rolling along, it’s just about removing the barriers along the way.

I was strong in asking questions and telling the information I had researched and learned but I feel like I needed more information. I read all of the comments people made about improving and it was consistently similar. More information is always good if you run out of time or need something to fill a simple gap in the conversation.

I enjoyed the EdCafe I would like to do it again sometime in the future but next time around I would love to organize some sort of snack that everyone could participate in so that there would be enough to go around. I liked the small groups, I felt they made the information more personal and easy to understand. All around very interesting and fun!

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