Michael’s EdCafe Presentation Reflection

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Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 2.51.40 PMI very much enjoyed our week of EdCafe presentations.  As a more informal form of the final product of a project, it taught me a lot about myself as a presenter.  I learned that many skills have been developed through school around the more formal types of presentations and speeches.  The more informal bit was new for me, and it was a little weird not having prepared a script or speech to repeat to the audience that I had practiced.  I felt like it was relatively low stress though, and I dealt with it well.  I also learned that in order for a good informal presentation, one must include lots of images and other media!!!  Ten minutes of talking got quite boring when the presenter did not show or forgot to show their pictures and visual pieces of the presentation.

I feel that this type of presentation is much more applicable for real-life situations.  Although someone may have a job where they are throwing pitches the whole day and giving speeches very formally, these skills may still be developed through informal presentations, because what really matters in any presentation is to keep your audience engaged, think on your feet, and speak with low stress.  All these were key elements in our EdCafe presentations, which mainly just helped to show us that presentations are really nothing to be scared of, and they can actually be quite fun when you like the topic and engage your audience.

I feel that I have developed these last few important skills of staying relaxed and low stressed very well over my years, especially in USHRS!!

My favorite part of these presentations was mainly just the theme of Native Americans!!  I am super interested in Native Americans, and have been a little disappointed that we do not learn about these groups of people more in school.  Also, I loved how half the time of each presentation was set aside for discussion, which was where most of the actual learning really happened!  Overall it was a wonderful new experience.

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