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For this new project style of the EdCafe I thought it was interesting. I have learned about myself that I do a better job of presenting. The small group setting and non graded presentation puts less stress on me and makes me feel more confortable. I like how the small groups allows for more of a conservation flow and less of somebody doing a boring presentation and people falling asleep in class. I think having some sort of handout works well in the small groups, I had a handout of Wovoka’s letter that I had people read from so everybody could be involved in one way. Also its a way for the group to have a visual and understan the topic a lot better. I learned from participating in the small groups that listening inattentively and asking question is beneficial to learn about another topic and get everything you can about what another student researched. I also learned that some of the discussions I could not participate well in because I did not know any information about that topic beforehand other then what the presenter just presented so when a conversation was happening I just listened and learned from it.

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As a presenter I am good at getting information together and preparing what to say to the group. I am also good at finding good pictures that relate well to the topic and anything else that could be shown. I am not good at speaking in front of people because I get nervous and freeze up and usually my face turns red. In discussions I do a good job in listening and asking questions. Having the small groups was a lot better because with so few people I did not freeze up and I think I presented my topic very well and clearly. Sometimes in small groups I am not sure what questions to ask because I am not sure if they would be considered stupid or unrelated questions so I make sure to ask them at the right time without sounding to stupid.

I think the EdCafe experience would be better if there were comfy chairs and food. But other then that I liked the Edcafe and thought it was cool and that we should do it again. The only problem I saw was that there was to much time left over and so sometimes the small groups would just sit there and not know what to say. I wish I was able to attend other presentations but only having 2 sessions pre class makes it so you can’t see everybody’s that is presenting that day.

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