Learning From an EdCafe

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This past week we had an EdCafe in our USHRS class.  During this time period we met in small groups and had informal discussions about the topics that we had individually researched.  This whole process was really interesting and it was fun being able to sit and talk with other students about each others topics and do it in an informal and non-stressful way.  I think that as a presenter I did a good job of talking and sharing the information I had learned with others.  The one thing that I noticed is that I sometimes would not go into as much detail as was necessary.  In an informal presentation I think that it is really important to have visuals, and to make the feeling of the conversation very relaxed and open.  This leads to a much richer discussion and everyone benefits from the talk.  The alternative to this is having one person talk about their topic for the whole time.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not as interesting as having a discussion with a group of people.  In small group discussions I feel that I am even more proactive then in a larger discussion.  The small groups force you to be extra attentive and contribuite to the conversation.  It also is easier to connect topics and go off on tangents that we personally find interesting about the topic.  I think this actually helped me learn other people’s material better, because I could ask about things that are interesting to me.

As a presenter I feel that I do a good job of articulating on my topic, and engage the listeners.  I also feel that in an informal setting I am able to discuss my topic much more fluidly, because I am less nervous.  One thing I would like to improve on is bringing in questions that can be used to start a deeper discussion between me and the listeners.

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