Lauren’s EdCafe Reflection

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During our EdCafe, I was able to learn about a variety of topics in a fairly short amount of time, and share my own ideas in an informal presentation setting. I learned that as a presenter, I enjoyed working in a very relaxed format. I found that It was easier for me to express my thoughts and ideas in a discussion based presentation. Being able to discuss with classmates during the presentations was a really helpful experience. My peers contributed ideas that had never crossed my mind, and allowed the presentation to go in new directions. I tried to incorporate visuals as often as possible in my presentation, and the feedback I have received on that has all been positive. People seemed to appreciate having a mix of talking and visuals, and I plan to keep trying to find ways to include images in presentations in the future. In the presentations I attended, I tended to be one of the more vocal listeners. I found the individual presentations very interesting, and I enjoyed being able to converse with the presenter when I had an idea or question.

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I realized through the EdCafe process that, as a whole, I am a fairly strong presenter. I am almost always well prepared, and am comfortable speaking on a topic without relying on notes or memorizing a speech. I think that in the EdCafe setting, these skills were highlighted. Because the EdCafe was informal, my ability to talk freely in a more conversational manner was very helpful; however, I do think that I could try to condense information in future presentations. I have a tendency to try to add extra information that might not be extremely important. In EdCafe discussions, I spoke often and tried to give as many ideas as possible. That being said, I may talk a little too much. In the future I think I need to work on letting others speak and only voicing my opinions occasionally.

As a whole, I think the EdCafe was a positive experience. I was able to learn a lot about a wide variety of topics, and was able to discuss these topics with my classmates in a informal setting. I got the chance to continue to practice my presenting skills, and learn more about myself as a presenter and listener.

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