Hiawatha’s USHRS Ed Cafe Reflection

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1.) During my presentation, i learned that i can easily learn a lot of information. At first it can be hard to get all of the words out, or to make sense of what i am saying. After a while i begin to get more comfortable, and i learned that i can be very effective when delivering information.

2.) Having notes with me while i presented helped a lot. There were times where i would forget a small part of my information or history, and i had to look back at my paper for referencing. It also helped to have other people, know(to some degree) some things about my topic, before my presentation, it helped remind me of certain things key to my presentation while  we conversed.

3.) I learned more about myself, and what type of questions i like to ask. I like to ask questions that have more to do with reasoning, like what the reasons were  for certain events happening and stuff like that.

4.) I am strong in remembering my information and knowing what i want to say (preparation). I also know what questions are good conversation starters. When i am calm and composed i can be a very good speaker and presenter. The problem is, get nervous sometimes and i tend to speak fast. I then realize i am speaking fast, and i get even more nervous and i start to stutter. Then hearing myself stutter, i start my whole conversation point over again, which just confuses the people listening to me. This is a habit i hope to get rid of.

5.) I thought the Ed cafe went well, and was really fun. Though there was no food, and i was expecting food i learned a lot. I liked the relaxed feel it had to it. All of my other projects i’ve had to present by myself or with classmates in front of the resto of the class, which can have a lot of pressure envolved with it, and be nerve racking. The Ed cafe gave me less stress, and helped me relax more, and i loved it. I learned so much about so many different topics that, i’ve heard different things about. It was very interesting and i hope to do something like this in the future.


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