Harrison’s EdCafe Reflection

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I’ve always done formal presentation where we had to memorize a speech and prepare a powerpoint, so doing this seemed a little awkward to me. However, I really enjoyed the EdCafe process. I learned that speaking to a small group informally allows more spontaneous conversation through questions and side notes that other people can add. There is also no pressure if you mess up to get back to your speech. The speech we wrote could simply be used a guideline for what you have to say. When I presented I felt a lot more relaxed in a smaller group and not having to memorize a speech allowed a more free stream of thoughts. Adding pictures for people to see also helped. Images can help convey the sense of a place like a natural reservation or of the native people.


When I was an audience member, I found that I was more interactive with the group because there was enough time for everyone to give their opinions. Also, if there was a question or a clarification needed, it was easy just to ask quickly. Something I did not think of when presenting was to show media on a webpage online. In one presentation the speaker showed us a website that would translate common military word from English to some Native American language. I found that this relatively simple add-in kept me focused on and interested in the presentation. I think I am pretty good at conveying information in a way that everyone can understand, but what I would like to improve on is getting the audience more involved while I tell them about my topic. Essentially I would like to take more advantage of the informality of the presentation style so the audience does not feel like they are just listening to a lecture.

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