EdCafe, Yay or Nay?

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I really enjoyed the EdCafe Experience. It was a great way to practice presentation skills that were relatively new to me. Rather than preparing presentation that is taken in one direction with a beginning and an end, it requires a more thorough understanding of the topic. This is because in a discussion, others ask questions and pose other viewpoints, and the presenter must be able to answer questions and respond to ideas. 

Talking about my topic felt more natural in this setting, and I felt like I was able to articulate my thoughts a lot better while unscripted. It was also great being able to discuss with others, because topics would often relate, leading to great comparison and contrasts between presenters and listeners. 

I found that I am good at clearly presenting my topic in this sort of format. I was very prepared for my sessions, but I did not follow a script. I felt that it sounded less rehearsed, and more professional. I answered all questions that were asked, and I was glad to hear other’s contributions during my session. One thing I need to work on is slowing down when I present. At home, I prepared for 15 mins of presentation, to leave 5 mins for questions. When I practiced, I often sped through everything and ended up finishing my material in 10 minutes. In my first session, I got through all of my material a little to fast, and there were a couple minutes at the end. The second presentation, I made an effort to take my time. It worked well, as I finished each section just on time. The group was engaged the whole time, and I felt we all got a lot out of that session.


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