Reflection: Rise and Fall of Plains Indian Horse Cultures

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In terms of presenting, I feel I learned a lot about myself and others, as well as what works and what doesn’t in an informal situation. To begin with, I found time to be the biggest enemy, or at least was for me, in this sort of situation. We were given 20 minutes total to present, and I found that it was a major challenge to slim down weeks of research into that amount of time with a solid conclusion and adequate discussion opportunities. I feel that the people who were most successful overall were those that were able to allocate their time effectively, being efficient but thorough. As a part of my struggle with time management, i learned that I like to talk. I like to talk about things I know, and about questions I can’t yet answer or maybe never will, or about anything that I find interesting that i feel knowledgeable enough about to converse openly with a small group of people. 

I think, as a presenter, i am strongest in a couple of areas. First, in research and knowledge of the subject, allowing me to speak freely about the topic without having to necessarily script what I am saying, and respond to questions effectively without hesitation. Secondly, I believe that I am decently capable of conversation and discussion, instead of purely lecture-style presentation. My biggest weakness lies in the fact that i am deathly afraid of public speaking. I hate it.  However,  public speaking is my second biggest fear, my first is that my voice will not be heard; even if it is something as ultimately insignificant as a high-school class presentation.  

Overall, i found the process of an EdCafe relatively enjoyable. I enjoy the research process more than anything, and the presentational product was less painful than usual. I feel that informal presentations can be an effective tool for large groups of people to efficiently and effectively convey a combination of research and personal inflection on a topic of choice.


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