Connor’s USHRS EdCafe Reflection

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I thought that the EdCafe was a really fun, new way to learn and to present our research.  The informal feeling while presenting was really nice and made presenting easier.  Also, Mike not watching the whole time took pressure off and made it more relaxed which was nice.  That being said, I still presented seriously and listened and asked questions seriously and with intent.  Overall I really liked the EdCafe and thought it was a really efective and fun way to learn.

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During the EdCafe, I learned that I am a good speaker and that I am more comfortable presenting in smaller groups.  I am less nervous when presenting in front of a couple people and I think it allows for discussion to flow more when there are less people and when it’s more of a conversation rather than a presentation.  I liked having people interrupt and add extra details or ask questions.  It helps to keep talking and move the discussion in a new direction.  I also learned that in small groups I talk more and ask questions to help the discussion keep moving, which also helps me to be more attentive and learn more effectively.

I think that as a presenter I did a very good job, and presented my information well, along with answering questions well.  I tried to make it as entertaining as possible and asked questions to get people to talk/wake up/be entertained.  The one thing I think I could have done better was have some sort of visual.  The other EdCafes I went to had visuals and it made their presentation better.  As a member I think I did an awesome job.  I listened actively, I looked to speaker in the eyes, and I asked lots of questions.  I helped keep the discussion going and I think I did an awesome job overall.

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