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Initially I thought that I would do better in an informal setting because it would be a low stress environment, but the lack of structure opposed to that of a formal presentation stressed me out more. My first presentation was much worse than my second due to the stress of organizing correctly and the time constraints. I knew all my information but it was difficult to review many years of history in just a few minutes.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 2.35.47 PMI think I was well spoken and made eye contact with my audience, but I think my nerves got to me initially when I started to present. This made me a bit quieter and I tended to look down at my paper frequently. In a small group setting such as the Ed Cafe setting it is important to remember to bring visuals. Although visuals might seem unnecessary in a small group setting, they are very essential to your audiences attention span and interest in the topic. I learned that no matter how big or small a group is, visuals are key to involving your audience and getting them interested in your presentation.

I hope to improve on my small group presentation skills, mainly because I have not had much experience in this. I am used to doing presentations in a large group setting and having a very organized and set presentation. This informal setting stressed me out more than I expected and made me not as confident in my knowledge.


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