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5238574678_75a3ca1b14During the EdCafe I learned about my presentation skills in a small group. I learned that a small group actually makes me more nervous than a large audience because I know that people can butt in anytime and kind of mess up my train of thought. I thought I was well prepared with my speech and everything but I prepared too much for a normal presentation rather than a interactive presentation. I felt like I had practiced well because of my run through’s at home but I think the small groups phased me a little bit. I wish I had brought a couple visuals in besides the handout that I gave around but other than that I thought I held my own.

I feel that in an informal situation as I mentioned above it was harder for me because I was used to formal presentations. I feel like I presented it like a speech and did not include enough visuals but I did try to incorporate a conversation because I figured out that it would be best. I tried to ask questions and I felt some kids responded to it well but some kids also did not want to pay attention so sometimes that could be a hurdle.

I feel that as a member in a small group discussion, everyone has to contribute once the presenter does his or her job giving an understanding to the group. If not everyone contributes, then the 20 minutes seems way longer than it actually is because not everyone is responding to the stuff. One group I had was amazing at responding and I felt they understood things really well but one group I felt like did not grasp what I was explaining to them as easily as I wanted them to.

I felt my strengths in this project was the fact that I was able to keep the conversation going through questions. I had a couple questions set that I wanted to ask but those went faster than I wanted them to. Especially with the second group I felt really relaxed and comfortable presenting but I felt quite nervous the first time around.

My biggest weakness was that there were no visuals. I could have showed them a map possibly or found more handouts. I only had one handout but people did not really look through it in depth so it made it less effective.

The thing I loved about the EdCafe was that I got a chance to learn a lot about many different topics. I found that the reflections also really helped me understand each topic because it forced me to sit down and reflect on everything I learned. For each topic I found that I was able to write a good paragraph so I thought that I learned a lot!


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