The Mock Election

Posted on November 12, 2012 by


Now that we are done with our first project, I am excited to see what the next project is going to be and what it is related to.  But before we start the second project, the entire junior class is going to be holding a mock election of the upcoming 2012 election for the whole school.  It is a really cool concept, of having someone represent each party for each major topic of discussion that has been talked about for the past year, but mostly in the past three debates.  I think it is awesome that students volunteer and represent that party and have to have such strong conviction in what they’re saying to get the students to vote for that candidate.  I think that it will be a pretty one sided election though, having majority of the votes going to Barack Obama over the other candidates.  Oregon, along with all of the West Coast is a very democratic state, and Portland is predominantly Democratic as well.  I know, that including myself, there are very few Republicans in the school, and that the Republicans are much more out numbered compared to the Democrats.  I think that the mock election is an awesome idea, but it will be hard since the school is predominantly Democratic, so the voting will not even be close, with close to all the school voting for Obama.

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