The View of A Brasilian (Yes, It’s Spelled Right)

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Project #1, find out how Americans identify themselves. As soon as I found out that this was our first project I thought to myself, “Oh no, not a project about Americans and their self importance.” America is a very powerful nation that I respect and that has aspects that I really love, but I’m not an American citizen and I am here with only a student visa that my dad has acquired to be able to study here. Most of my earlier views of Americans and your culture are solely base on what I here on the radio, what my parents say and truthfully what I see on a day-to-day basis. As we started the project I prepared myself to hear and read about all of the things that America has accomplished, in other words, I prepared to read about how good America is and how they are better and more powerful then other countries. To tell you the truth, I read a lot of that, which was annoying and obnoxious to have to re-read about how Americans are better then everyone. But I also read a lot of reflective pieces of some of the identities of Americans, which cancelled out all of those obnoxious articles.

I also think that one of the great things that America has to offer all immigrants and citizens is safety. I always go back to Brasil (yes that is how it’s spelled) in the summers and the difference is immense. Brasil currently has the 6th highest economy, better then the UK and Italy, and even though it is a rich country it has very weak infrastructure and very poor security.

Some people don’t understand that they are very fortunate to live in the USA and complain and b•••h about how they hate the USA. Put them in almost any other country and see if they hate America after that.

After this first project was done I had a much better view at what an average American is and what some of the other countries think about the USA. This project has not changed my few of what an American is, but it has shed light on what Americans think that they are. I really enjoyed this project and I would really suggest to everyone, American or not, to know what your values and identities are because who you are reflects on the world around you.

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