Learning in the Social Media Era

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 Firstly, it is a precious experience for me being in this research-based class since I can discover a lot of interesting facts about the history events. I found it both effective and good for me to learn by doing a lot of research for projects. I don’t feel stressful at all.  I like a lot about the way that we do our research first and then dig in more and more about our topic. Also, it is a good experience for me to have the opportunity to manage the time for project by myself, because I think it is an extremely good and suitable way for me to learn well because in real world, I have to manage my work by myself.

As an international student, I feel stuck with our first project which is about what does it mean be an American. I had a hard time trying to find evidences at first because the topic is so broad. However, when Mike talked with us about the project it gave me some ideas and what direction of my project should be which made the project went a lot easier. Finally, I ended up using my weakness that I am an international student as my strength to give information about the outsider perspectives toward American.

ImageThe another hard things is sometimes I still found it a little bit hard to read a lot of resources in English since I am not a native speaker. I also sometimes have a hard time practicing the presentation because I could not pronounce some words clearly.  However, I think I have made pretty good process on getting used to it. I tried my best and spent a lot of time practicing the presentation. I think I did fairly well on time management, because I could always finish most of the homework on time as well as learn a lot of things. I think I can improve myself by reading more journal articles and doing more research on historical event, since I am very interested in the event that happened in the past. I am also very interested in Cold War and I hope that we will have a chance to explore this topic in the future.

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