A New Age of Learning

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USHRS is the first research based class I have ever taken, and it happens to incorporate some methods of learning that are not exactly orthodox.  I am particularly excited about this class because unlike in the past, I will have the ability to study what I personally want to learn (to a certain extent).  In our research seminar we will be using all sources available to us to further our knowledge in the areas we choose to study.  By allowing each student to focus on certain areas of a topic, our teacher Mike, is enabling us to learn about the things that interest us, and because of this hopefully the information being absorbed will stick in our memories.

Something that is different about USHRS than my other high school courses is the lack of assigned homework.  The “normal” way people go through school is they are given specific assignments and a specific time frame to complete these assignments.  In USHRS this is not the case.  We are given an overall due date that is set off in the future, and it is up to us to figure out our own plan of action to make sure this task is complete.  I personally thought that this would be easy, since I have always been good at managing my time, but after finishing my first project on American Identity, I can assure you this is not an easy task.  I personally found it very hard to follow my own due dates since I set them instead of a teacher.  I feel learning this about myself will help me improve the way I utilize my time in this class, so I will be more productive throughout the projects to come.

Something else that is new and interesting about this class is the use of Partnering with Technology.  Partnering with Technology will incorporate different forms of technology to help enhance our learning in more than one way.  The special thing about this style of partnering is the fact that we as students are in control of how we use the resources given to us, and are involved with the teaching and learning process as much as Mike is.  The other nice thing about the use of technology in this class is, even though the class is about history, we are also learning things about technology, which will help us in the future no matter what subject we are in.

The year to come is going to be filled with many new learning curves, but I am confident I will be able overcome each and every one of them.  Whether it is creating a new way to organize myself, or learning something new about technology, I am sure that I will be going “hard in the paint” to make sure I master the new information.

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