Learning from experiences

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It has been over a month since the school stared. In our class, USHRS researching seminar, we finished our first big project, “What does it mean to be an American?” This project was very new to me since I had to interview people, and work with many other people to accomplish our goal. So far I found this type of research very fun and helpful, because what I took time to learn is very hard to be forgotten. I was in same group with Tobias and Matt. Each person had a particular job that he was good at it. Since my weakness is English the group decided that I should interview people and gather data. To be honest, I think interviewing was the easiest part for me. As a Korean living in America, I had many relatives who were Korean-American, and also kind dorm parents, therefore I could get good reflection from here and there. Furthermore, I could reflect my thought on the speech since I have lived in Korea for a long time, which made me have a wider view. The hardest part was reading online articles and practicing my speech. As always, reading gave me a hard time, but practicing speech isn’t what I do regularly. Practicing speech was relatively new step for me. Additionally, I, as an ESL student, found it harder to practice speech, compared to other students in our class. Not surprisingly I almost failed on my part of presentation. Through my first experience of group project, I felt that my critical weakness was speaking. I got very nervous when I was talking. I guess what I need is more practice and more practice. And also I am pretty sure, through the experiences, my nervousness would go away. Overall I enjoyed my project and I am looking forward to do some more research.

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