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This year I was introduced to blogging through the class US History Research Seminar. In the past Google has lead me to several different blogs to answer questions I had. For the most part these blogs I stumbled across were very helpful since there was an entire chain of posts and responses each with different opinions. This is my only prior experience with blogging. Through the last few weeks of the USHRS class I have learned how to manage my own site and make blog posts. At first I found blogging to be a little overwhelming with keeping track of each one of my posts, but now I am starting to get the hang of it. After each post I make I learn new things not only about blogging. I did not realize how much could be learned from blogging.

Blogging is a great tool to build partnerships and learn from fellow classmates. Blogging allows someone to post their own opinions to a group of people who can all collectively respond to the blog post. This cycle of posting and replying strengthens partnerships and makes it possible to get multiple perspectives on a given topic. Blogging also teaches important life skills such as partnering, social networking, and time management. When used correctly blogging is one of the fastest ways to communicate with people from all over the world. Educational blogging is a tool that needs to be incorporated into classes outside of USHRS. The only disadvantage of blogging that I have noticed so far is the lack of face-to-face communication. Although blogging can be very personal there is something about face-to-face communication that sets it apart from blogging. The same emotional and personal level of communication in person cannot be obtained through blogging. As blogging evolves over time this will only improve and become less of a problem.

I see blogging as the classroom for the future. Technology plays a key role in society. In order to be able to successful in the current era schools need to keep students up to date with technology. Blogging is the perfect solution to this challenge. With all of the rapid advances in technology blogging will only grow and improve for the better. As more and more classes from around the world use blogging partnerships will form between similar classes and schools. The universal access to these class blogs will not only allow more topics to be covered in the curriculum but gives the students freedom to learn what they want to learn.

I am excited to see how other classes will start to use blogging as a form of education in the future.

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