Think you’ve got time?

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For the past week and a half, students in USHRS have been working on a project requiring that we answer some questions about American Identity, and present our findings to the class. My group decided to make a documentary-style video including interviews from a mixed population of people, and play it for the class. After all, “Filmmaking is such a collaborative medium.”- Daryl Hannah.

Now normally, I am the kind of guy who loves to find every other thing in the world to do other than the task that I am given So basically, I am a professional procrastinator. But entering this year, I decided I was going to change that. The moment we were assigned the project I made sure that my group members knew that I was serious about getting as much done as possible in the early stages so that we wouldn’t feel overwhelmed in the latter stages. By the first weekend out of our 3 week period, we had collected all of our video interviews. I had projected that since we were to compile a video of 7-10 minutes in length, we could safely bet on 4-5 hours of video editing, max. But I soon learned that would not be the case. It took us 1-hour to make the first 30-seconds of the movie!

Even though we started early, we didn’t account for the time it takes to really nicely edit and produce a quality film. We have been successful so far and we will continue to work at the best of our ability to complete the task at hand.

The biggest piece of learning I have gotten from this experience is to always account for a margin of time when scheduling tasks, assignments, events, etc. My new motto: Take the amount of time you think it should take, now double it.

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