Sorry, But Not Really.

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I am researching the apology letter from Congress to the Native American Peoples on behalf of the United States. I am specifically looking at the responses from the Native Peoples and the other people of the United States to the contents of the apology, and the way the apology was presented (smack dab in the middle of the Department of Defence Appropriations Act, 2010 where all the rest of the document was about spending and something about Homeland Security). I have looked at the whole text of the apology, which takes up less than 1 page (out of 66), and the structure of the writing. I also have looked at a couple of places where people have blogged their opinions on letter. Information I still need would help me give a brief explanation, for those who may not know, of the history of the Native Peoples, and why there is a need for the apology letter. I want to be able to plant a figurative seed of thought in peoples’ minds. I want to show a side of the topic, and hopefully that will keep people who watch my TED styled talk to keep talking!

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