Occupying Alcatraz – Anna Blake

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I have decided to study the Occupation of Alcatraz. This event was one of the largest turning points for the Native American’s as it was publicized much more than past events. I chose this topic because I find it extremely interesting that anyone would want to travel to Alcatraz in the first place! I think that this event is really one of the most important in the history of Native Americans.

I am researching my topic by visiting multiple websites open to the public. PBS has a great data base of tons of resources I have been finding. Also because my school has access to paid resources I have been using American History Online which is great. I want to find more of a personal connect with the people and hear what happened from the people who were actually there.

I want my audience to understand what forced the Native Americans to take over the island. There were multiple events leading up to the occupation of Alcatraz and if I find those I will have a better understanding of the topic and will be able to explain it better to my audience. I want my audience to see and hear about what actually happened.

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