Native American Ghost Dance

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I have decided to focus on the Indian Ghost Dance, and its important role on the culture and beliefs of Indian Americans. In general, religion has always been very interesting to me, because it gives a good insight into the ideas and principles of a certain group. I have been researching my topic through open websites, databases, primary sources, as well as a detailed book from the OES library. I started my research by looking at the Wikipedia page on “Native Americans in the United States”. From this broad search, I was able to narrow down my topic to Native American religion and then even more specific towards the “Ghost Dance”. Wikipedia was essential for a brief overview on my subject and linking me to specific pages on the “Ghost Dance” and other references. The OES databases and library have also provided me with a lot of various information on the Ghost Dance religion. For primary sources, I have found a few from Digital History and from a book, The ghost-dance religion and Wounded Knee. The main goal of my TED-style talk is to teach my viewers about the Ghost Dance beliefs that Native Americans had and how these beliefs affected Wounded Knee. Ultimately, I want the viewers to have a better understanding of their culture and their actions.

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