Native American Gaming

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As the USHRS class started this Native American History project, I had a previous fascination with casinos and gaming, being a huge fan of movies like Casino and Oceans 11, so I decided to further my knowledge and dig deep into the Native American gaming system. More specifically find out why Indian reservations are the exception regulations and how they became the anomaly. I also plan to examine and analyze the controversial Indian gaming system, specifically the distribution of the profits and discover what it says about the Native American communities and how is has effected America.
The information that I will be presenting has been collected from a variety of Internet sources, books, and articles that represent the many different parties and their interests. The main goal of my TED-style talk is not to propose a solution for the problem, but to present both sides of an issue hoping to raise awareness and inspire people to think about the multiple different viewpoints of Native American gaming.

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