Decoding My Topic

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I have decided to focus on the Navajo Code talkers, and their important role during World War II. The idea of using a language as a code is not only interesting to me, but it also gives me insight to the mindset during that time period. I have been researching my topic through the www, as well as a few books from the school library. I currently have two books on the way via ILL. I started with a borad search of “Navajo Code,” and then moved towards specific instances, such as the battle of Iwo Jima. Wikipedia has been essential to understanding a brief overview of my subject, and has also given me a basic mindset to the situation. My largest challenge thus far, is  finding information on the results of Navajo Code talkers. Many websites have a lot of the same information, and it is difficult to find new stories without searching for something specific. For example, “the Navajo Language was used as code” isn’t very useful. I hope to teach my watchers about why the Navajo Code talkers were so vital durring this time, and how the actual code talkers where affected. When watches look back at my presentation, I hope they recal the importace of the Native Americans durring our time of need, and why not only should be thankful, but also understanding of their culture.

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