Evernote Review

Posted on January 9, 2012 by


I used the “Evernote” program which is a free application from Apple. I found that this is one of the best organizational tools that is online today. I really liked the program because it helps a person who is unorganized (me) be able to easily type in notes and find them in a later date. I was happily surprised that you are also able to add more things to the application if wanted, but the only down side was that those add-ons are not free. The best reason to use this application is the user is able to sync their document with their computer, Ipad, and any other apple product.

I would recommend this application to anyone who has any type of organization skills as every time that someone needs a new ‘notebook’ they are able to add more to a single document. Also they can save a whole web page and are able to cite the page itself. A truly good deal for a free app.


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