ScreenCast on the Uses of Noodle Tools

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Noodle Tools is a very helpful site designed to help and improve the organization of a project or a paper. The website is a free site, originally was used a lot to generate citations for papers, and that is how I first learned about Noodle Tools. Now, after using the site more and more, I have learned how to fully use the site to enhance my organizational skills, while effortlessly putting a project completely together.

The website has three main components: the bibliography, the paper, and the to-do list. The bibliography is probably the most helpful part of the site because of the in-depth citations that the website is able to create and store in a list. Every kind of proper citation format is available on the website, and Noodle Tools produced very complete and correct citations, including the parenthetical citation for each of your sources. This makes it very easy to export the “Works Cited” page from the website into your paper.

Every time you have a project or paper assigned for a class, you can go into Noodle Tools and create a new project folder that will store your list of citations, a link to you paper, and a new to-do list. The to-do list is extremely helpful in keeping track of the things that need to get done in order to complete the project. Also, being able to attach a link to your paper is convenient, but it is required to be a Google doc, which is okay, but it depends on if you like using Google docs or not. I would say that that is the biggest weakness of the site, just because I strongly dislike the format of Google docs. Other then that, I would say that Noodle Tools is a fantastic site, and it is a great tool in organizing all the important components of a big paper or project!

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