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Memonic is a research and note taking software that easily downloads on to any of your favorite devices or browsers. You can use Memonic for free with limited space and all the major features except for Gathering Mode, or you can pay $28/year, and get unlimited notes, unlimited groups, and all the features. Memonic has the best web clipper in town, allowing you to choose which browser you’d prefer to download Memonic on. During research, when you come across a site that has information you want, you can click on the Memonic symbol, the squirrel, and select clip content. Then you can click on the information that you want and hit save. After saving the research, you can organize content into folders, tags, and groups directly from the clipper. You can also share information through email, Facebook, and Twitter, keeping your notes private, for your friends, or for the whole wide web. You can view and see your notes on your own personal archive, where Memonic has extracted only the information you selected. Next, if you find another website with good information but not have the time to go through it, Memonic gives you the option to save web pages to read later. You also can bookmark a webpage, take a screenshot, write a note, and use the Gathering Mode for times of lengthy research. Memonic even syncs all your notes to your favorite devices, making it easy to access on the go. Overall, Memonic is easy to use, very convenient, gathers information simply, and it keeps all your notes organized. So I definitely suggest and plan on using Memonic for future projects.

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