Knight Cite Screen Cast

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Knight Cite is a citation machine that will allow you to cite your sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago formatting. There are a variety of source types that you’ll be able to cite with this machine. Some include: Books, Journals, Magazines, websites and much more.

If you’re writing any sort of research paper, being able to cite your sources is critical, it make you a more credible author and it makes your paper much stronger if you have sources to back up your findings.

PROS: Allows you to cite in many different formats that are required by scientist, historians, and other types of written material.

CONS: Can’t make a list, you can only do one source at a time, copy them into your word document and then start over.

Recommendation: For a quick citation, I’d diffidently use this tool, but if I were citing all my sources at the end of a large project, I’d rather use a tool like Noodle tools that allows you to create lists of sources for different projects.

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