Growly Notes Review

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I decided to test out a note-taking software called Growly Notes. I came across the program online while searching for a free note-taking software for macs, and Growly Notes appeared to have gotten reasonable reviews and so I figured why not give it a shot?

The first thing I noticed when I opened the program was how easy it was to get started. There was an extensive help menu, here, with lots of different subsections on how to use Growly Notes. However, I decided to completely skip over these and see how I could do trying to figure it out on my own. As I discovered fairly quickly, the organization of the notes is very simple. You can make multiple projects up in this top menu, and quickly switch between them just by clicking here. The next level down of organization are these tabs along the side. Unfortunately, there are only two levels along the side, which I found to be quite frustrating when I was trying to organize my notes, because I couldn’t decide how to organize everything with only these two sections. Not a huge problem, but enough to cause me a little strife.

Now for the actual note taking. Basically all they start you with is a title and a blank page. It’s super easy to insert a note, all you have to do is click anywhere and you can start typing. I like this system, but the only reason I have to complain is that it makes it a little hard to organize neatly, because your notes are all in different places instead of being neatly line by line; You might like this depending on what type of note-taker you are. One feature I really like is this link insert feature, or “alt L” for a shortcut. This is really nice because you can copy a url and it will act as a hyperlink and take you right to the page, which I really liked for writing down my sources. One thing that I wasn’t so satisfied with: At one point I wanted to create a chart, which you can do up here, but the options are very limited and I found it extremely difficult to work with, so I eventually just gave up.

Overall, I would say I recommend trying Growly Notes. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely has some good features as well as a few things that could be improved. It’s totally free, which makes it even more appealing, and I say why not go for it? I might use it again in the future, depending on the type of projects I will be doing, so spend a couple minutes trying it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, no harm done, and if you’re confused you can always look to the manual. I hope this was helpful for you, and hope you can find the right software for you.

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