Evernote Review

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For my current tool of choice, I chose Evernote. Evernote is a free service that allows devices on multiple platforms (OS X, Windows, Android, iOS) to work on notes. Notes are auto-saved and stored on the Evernote servers to insure that the note is not lost, and so that you can access your notes regardless of what device you are using (Such as creating a note on your laptop, then accessing it via your smartphone). Along from the typical benefits of a text editing tool, such as auto-correct, spell checker, and most formatting options, Evernote also adds the ability for users to, in a way, tailor notes to a specific use. For example, the “ToDo Checkbox” is a handy tool that will easily create checklists in your note. Checklists are very helpful for keeping tract of specific deadlines, or other work that has to be completed. In addition, you can also add audio notes, meaning the option to record and save an audio file with the note, or a snapshot from your webcam. Having an option to quickly take, insert, and save a photo is very helpful for research projects when drawing a sketch can be too time consuming. Evernote also has many plug-ins for most web browsers (I used the chrome add-on in my screen cast) that allows for easy interfacing with your notes without having to install additional applications. The only downside of Evernote that I experienced, was when an Internet connection was not present, I was unable to access my saved notes. However, by subscribing to Evernote premium, I am given the option to have my notes synced onto my device (meaning accessible offline) as well as other helpful tools such as collaboration on the same note with other premium users (as one would do in a document on Google Docs). Evernote can also be applied to products such as the LiveScribe Pen that allows you to convert handwritten notes into Evernote notes.

I highly recommend this free tool to anyone who wishes to have a safe and secure way of saving notes on multiple devices. In the future, I can assure you that when I take notes, the black elephant on the green background will be open on my dock.

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