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As a person who has had limited experience with other reference tools (besides Noodle Tools and some other management tools), I have found BibDesk to be somewhat user-unfriendly. I had many difficulties figuring out how to use the tools, and getting the tools in BibDesk to work properly. I was able to pull up the list of cites I had used multiple times, until one time all of the citations and documents that I had saved disappear. This was really disheartening, and really hurt my perceptions of BibDesk. This could have just been due to my lack of knowledge surrounding the program. When I had trouble figuring out how to work BibDesk, I looked for some tutorials, both on their website and in the open web. I did find some, but a lot of the people in these videos used multiple tools along with BibDesk. This may be more in direction that BibDesk is supposed to be used, along side other tools. There were a lot of people who wrote their own programs that went along with BibDesk, or used other ones that seemed to make the process less complicated. But as a person who is just starting out, all the options for supplements can be somewhat overwhelming. BibDesk was easiest to operate when used with Google Scholar or JSTOR. On a positive note though, BibDesk seems to have many useful features that I have found. BibDesk can help you cite resources, as well as a store copy of downloads of the resources that you find. Probably the best use that I have found from BibDesk is its ability to save documents in one space, and gather information for citations.

I don’t think I will continue to use BibDesk. It was helpful at moments, but the overall stressfulness of figuring out ways to work the program became extremely time consuming. I may, if I have time though, try to continue working with BibDesk, if I have time to better explore the options that offers, as well as using it with other software. My feelings towards it are overall negative due to the stress that it has caused me. I can see the potential that this resource has, but I am unable to utalize those opportunities at this moment. If you are considering using BibDesk though, you may want to try it out and see if it works for you. Although somewhat challenging for me to operate, you may find it a successful research tool.

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