Why we write What came first, Racism or Slavery

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History consists only of recorded history. If you cant find an earlier date of proof of racism, slavery came first.  “If racism cant be shown to be natural, then it is the result of certain conditions”. The condition is that it was easier and more cost productive to use black Africans than either the white of native population. However possible proof that racism before 1600 might exist. The color black was considered inferior, dirty etc. while white was referenced to beauty in english poetry. Yet with similar economic problems, whites and black were most likely equals, as far as owing a debt to a lord. The earliest date of “slavery” was in 1503. We have to remember that the poetry was simply referring to colors and in no way ethnic groups. Racism exist from the unknown. When a conquered society is different, it is considered inferior. Racism exists out of fear of the unknown, not of the color of skin. The enslavement of African blacks was not racist, but originally out of fear.

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