Writing is not fun

Posted on October 20, 2011 by


I really do not like writing. To be honest the only reason why I am writing right now is because my teacher is making me.  I find it really boring and it makes my hand cramp if I type to fast. I never write for fun. I don’t really like any type of writing. Essays, creative, biographical, they are all kind of the same, and I just don’t like them. If writing can be avoided, then it should. Really talking is much better then writing. It gets your point across faster, and it does not require much effort. You can just talk. Also with writing there are so many rules like grammar, plagiarism, and if your writing even makes sense to the reader. I understand that there are grammar rules for speech but they are more lenient. Language evolves but writing for school does not reflect the way we talk. In order to write properly you must switch from a casual “talk” to a more proper way of expressing our ideas. I find this very hard and totally unnecessary. As a final thought writing should just be avoided when ever possible.

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